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We believe the key to success lies in our ability to support and establish mutually beneficial long-term relationships with our customers and that is how we designed our Customer Support program.
Organizations that have chosen to subscribe have full access to our Customer Support team and the services they offer.
Real-time interaction with our support experts
Even if Our team of support experts is only a phone call away. When subscribing to our customer service program, you will be given direct access to our online support team. Our Online Web support portal offers you a more convenient web-based user interface to keep track of all your requests, easily open new ones or update existing ones.
Moreover, because it is linked to our integrated management system, all your interaction with our support team will directly involve and be monitored by top management.
Technical excellence all the way
Understanding your need is the primary and most important step to adress your request in a timely fashion. That is why we take customer care very seriously and have built our expertise around it over the years.
Our online portal is equipped with an instant messaging system which allow us to quickly identify your needs and define how we can best support you by defying geographical boundaries. Hence, should we determine that your case require simultaneuously involving our QHSE, Logistic and Technical department, our support escalation process will allows us to quickly put all our engineers in the loop.
Our support experts will act as the bridge between you and our Management, making sure that communication flows smoothly and that all aspects of your case are properly championed and represented.

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