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   Multi-Mode 500 MM(62.5/50) Channel Optimized to 500MHz. This mode guarantees a greater distance capability at data rates up to 1Gb/s in both the 850 and 1300 nm windows.
Moreover, it provides higher data aggregation in the backbone, riser and horizontal, compared with non-laser-optimized fibers
Fully compatibility with the broad range of laser-based and legacy protocols and applications. Industry - leading Dual acrylate CPC coating for superior micro bend and environmental performance
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   Multi-Mode 800 MM(50/125 OM3) Channel Optimized to 800MHz High performance at data rates up to 1Gb/s at 850 nm
If you are looking for cost-effectiveness compared with other multi mode fibers, the Multi-Mode 800 higher capacity transmission is made for you
Based on the Clear Curve multi-mode fiber, it uses a specially engineered optical trench to trap the energy in the many modes which propagate within the fiber core. Such multi-mode fiber confines almost all the energy of the different modes, even in the most challenging bending scenarios, thereby significantly reducing the bend-induced attenuation.
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   Single-ModeSM (9/125) Bandwidth Unlimited NexCor’s MaxPower technology’s 3dB threshold improvement, enables twice the optical launch power for better system reach and coverage. Moreover, for improved handling and ease of installation, the macro end specifications have been upgraded from 0.05 dB to 0.03dB.
This mode features a tighter zero dispersion wavelength specification. Indeed, the tolerance range has been specifically improved from 10 nm to 7 nm. Finally, The Single-Mode complies with ITU-T G652 ( A,B,C & D).
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