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   Cat6(A) Chanel performance optimized to 800Mhz: Angle Jack Panel  are available for rack space optimization. Moreover, all keystone jack are designed for extreme channel performance.
  At a glance, the TG800 Digilink solution features:
       - Metal Jack (50 mic gold plating, 5 Colors)
       - Information outlets (Available in single, dual and 4 ports)
       - Patch panel (Angle or straight)
       - Longer product life
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   Cat 6 Chanel performance optimized to 600Mhz: This solution relies mostly on the Premium I/O through the extensive use of  CAS Technology.
   Briefly, the TG600 Digilink solution features:
      - Information outlets (Collapsible shutter with CAS, available in Premium or Economic range)
      - Patch panels (Die-cast Aluminum, Molded in24 in 1U available in Premium or Economic)
IEEE Standards Zero-Bit error throughput test
      - Minimum headroom: 3
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   Cat5e+ Chanel performance optimized to 400Mhz: This solution is the easy one . All I/O identification have been simplified by adding numbering labels for patch panels.

  Shortly, the TG400 Digilink solution features:
      - Information outlets (Single, Dual, Quad)
      - Patch panels (24 ports, modular, key stone, smart modular)      
      - Minimum headroom:6
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