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   ROAD STUDS: 360° and 180° MODELS. Line of studs used for marking our roads’ borders and lanes. They work by reflecting the car’s headlights directly to the driver’s sight.
360° (omni-directional): Standard (roadway applications), HRS (pavement applications)
180° (monodirectional): Dome height = 19.8mm, Dome height = 13mm
The main principle is the catadioptric reflection. The dome protruding from the pavement captures the light, which is focused on the mirror. The metallic mirror works in reflection, and directs the light straight back to the vehicle, sending the driver a precise and efficient luminous signal, even in rain conditions. This marker is embedded into the pavement, which prevents from all deterioration of the mirror and contributes to the longevity of the optical performances.

The road studs comply with all the requirements in terms of European norms, among which the norm EN 1463

Technical details, product sheet and CE conformity certificate available in
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   KERB MARKERS: 360° and 180° MODELS. The Kerb marker has been developed by CRYZAL to equip the concrete borders used for the construction of terraces, traffic dividers, sidewalks, round abouts, and other safety construction.
CRYZAL Kerb markers meet, after several road tests, all the requirements to satisfy road authorities all over Europe.
Nowadays, there are no european norms required for the kerb markers.

Technical details and product sheet  available in
our Download section -> HERE <-

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