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TPMS antennas for Car - Manufacturers assembly lines - TPMS Tools for Car Assembly Lines

   VT520:Targeted exclusively at car assembly lines, the VT520 activates the « sleeping » tire valves in passing vehicles.
Its central unit also receives data back from the valves which can be later used for statistical analysis.
The system is made of one programmable central unit that interacts with both the assembly line’s PLC and up to 5 antennas located next to the car’s wheels.
The detection heads (antennas) automatically activate the valves using radio frequencies. (125 kHz emission and 433 or 315 MHz for reception. 868 MHz can be ordered as an option). A handheld antenna can also be mounted.
The central unit allows the modification and visualization of the test programs of each antenna, including current cycle, and measuring results. One central unit can manage up to 5 antennas each connected to the central unit through a RS485 networking.
   ATEQ VT: The ATEQ VT is designed for medium volume production lines similar to the VT520.
It provides features such as activating the valves, controlling their ID, and helping to fine tune the vehicle’s onboard computer.
The ATEQ VT has a built-in computer that can store data coming from the valves and generate statistical reports.
An optional long antenna allows the user to operate the device standing up.


ATEQ's comprehensive range of T.P.M.S control equipment has already fulfilled every need from the largest manufacturing companies and would most likely suit yours as well. Check it out!

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