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   VT15 TPMS activator:As simple as one push of a button. ATEQ’s VT15 is a universal TPMS sensor activator.
This means that it is compatible with all currently known TPMS sensors on the planet and has a unique two button interface.
So you position it next to your tire and it will trigger any currently known TPMS sensor.
Designed to last in rough environments like tire repair shops, the VT15 is powered with 9V batteries. Moreover, You will NOT find a better service anywhere else, as ATEQ also supplies car assembly plants which gives ATEQ access to new TPMS protocols long before anyone else can.
The Standard Model is equipped with the latest advanced stream decoding technology that can trigger and decode sensors much faster and more accurately than previous generation devices.

   VT30 TPM ID reader: Cannot find your TPM Sensors ID to reset car’s dashboard ? … The ATEQ VT30 is your answer
ATEQ’s VT30 is a universal TPM sensor decoder. This means that it can decode and display ALL TPM sensor currently on the market, yours included.
Through its built-in USB connection and internet synchronization software, the ATEQ VT30 remains compatible with all futur TPM sensors.
Therefore, you can plug it onto your PC once in a while and download all new TPM sensors in its database.
The VT30 tool can display : Sensor ID, pressure, battery status, temperature, accelerometer etc. VT30 decodes the sensor data and ensures that the correct Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor is being read and that the RF transmission doesn’t come from keyfobs or other sensors.

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