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   5 Series Flow Testers: the fastest, most reliable, versatile, user friendly flow tester range in the market, and by far the most popular ever built.
At the heart of every ATEQ flow tester lays a patented differential pressure transducer, the performance of which remains unmatched in the industry.

This technological marvel can measure pressure variations of 0.1 Pascal (That’s 0.000145 PSI) and handle test pressures up to 80 Bars (1160 PSI !). 170 Bar POC Naturally, all of this comes calibrated by our traceable to international standard calibration lab.

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   H6000 Tracer Gas Leak Tetster: portable tools for fine leak detection
The H6000, a new comer in the ATEQ range of leak detectors, is one of the finest gas tracer and hydrogen leak detectors on the market today.
This gas is less expensive than Helium gas. Furthermore, it’s a volatile, non-toxic and non-poisonous gas with any environmental impact.
The H6000 is equipped with all features for easy integration in industrial process and laboratory one.

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