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ATEQ presents its revolutionary leak tester range : the F6 series including a compact leak tester F620, a weatherproof leak tester F610 and the F670 in its 19″3U industrial format.

F620: New electronic module, new measurement module, new interface, new accessories
 Thanks to ATEQ's know-how built over the years, all has been made to improve your quality control.
And yet, inside can be found the latest leak testing techniques and technology that will guarantee you the fastest and most accurate leak testing cycle on the market.
F670: a 3U 19″” version of the F620
 Among ATEQ's innovations and customizations, comes the F670 leak tester in an industrial standard format. Its design and functionality allows it to be mounted in all machines.

F610: IP54 waterproof leak tester
 Because work area are not always as clean as we would like , ATEQ as designed The F610 leak tester for you. The F610 is particularly suitable for polluted workplaces (dust, oil etc.)

See More details on F6 Series / Technical Specifications -> HERE <-

Result of 5 years of research and development, the revolution lies in its simplicity to set up, maintain, service, upgrade and above all use.

 The F5200 touch screen interface lets anybody with very little experience in dry & non-destructive leak testing get comfortable with this powerful technology.
F5200 latest leak testing techniques and technology  will guarantee you the fastest and most accurate leak testing cycle on the market.

See More details / Technical Specifications -> HERE <-


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